Specialty Printing Services • Redlands Print & Design
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Specialty Printing Services

You’re going to tell us that you have this idea, but it’s outside of the box. Our answer: we’re ready for you! Redlands Print & Design is all about getting you what you need to stand out and be awesome- we appreciate what’s important to you. If that means business cards made with gold foil lettering, done. If that means Wedding Invitations with embossed or raised letters and specialty paper, photographs and maps, we can handle it. Whatever your idea, whatever way you want it.  We can make you look great. We do it. Check out our specialties in more detail below:

Gold Foil

Gold Foil Printing is a special technique using heat to transfer foil onto a surface permanently. This is an excellent option for Wedding Invitations, Wall Prints, Business Cards, and really anything that you want to have that extra something and shine.


Thermographic Printing is similar to both Embossing and Foil Printing in that you have a raised design that undergoes a special heating process so it can be colored as well.

Die-Cutting / Gluing

Die Cutting is used when you want something in a special shape. Maybe you’d like a Business Card implementing negative space or want your Invitations to utilize unique edges or empty spaces.

UV Coating

Ultra Violet Coating implements Ultraviolet light and radiation to create a glossy, shiny surface on printed paper. It looks incredible on Business Cards where you would have a matte background and shiny design, or where the entire Business Card would be sleek and shiny.

Lamination Services

Laminating is exactly what it sounds like-your printed design covered in a plastic laminate. From labels to stickers to posters, this is a great way to keep your design protected.

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