If you're looking for the perfect way to get your name out, promotional items and products does just that. At Redlands Print & Design, we specialize in custom printing. If you need wristbands for a special event, coffee mugs for your favorite employees, t-shirts for your local charity walk, or just about anything else, We are the shop for you. Check out our full list of offerings below, and if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us! Chances are, we can do it!

Business Form Printing


You need pens. More pens. Everyone does. Even if you don’t, you do. Thankfully, we print some pretty incredible pens as promotional items and products. (just try not to lose them.) and the great thing about pens is: they change hands, like that quarter your mother told you not to put in your mouth as a child. They are great for exposure and great for writing- and really just great to have. We want your clients to reach out and find your branded pen next time, not empty air.


Reusable bags are the thing (especially if you could get your logo on it and turn it into both a bag and a promotional item or product). They’re always great to have on hand because we never know when we’re randomly going to decide to run by the library and ambitiously check out too many books, or stop by the store to grab all of the things we need for lasagna because lasagna just sounds so good, or finally take in the pile of reusable coffee cups collecting on the floor of our car. They give us more hands. Reusable bags are an excellent way to get your awesome design, cause or brand, whatever or whoever you are, into the functional lives of the people who support you. And it’s a great way for you to support them back.

wrist bands


We all remember those yellow wrist bands that everyone wore. We all asked what it was when we saw the word “livestrong.” wristbands are great promotional items or products for your supporters to show off who or what they support (like living strong and strong living). Whether you have a cause or foundation, wristbands do the job and we would be delighted to work with you on getting one or several made for your business.


2 words: paper cuts. 2 more words: the worst. Letter openers are such a great invention because they save your mail from being ripped and save your fingers from being cut. That’s as double win! Now imagine a letter opener designed as a promotional item or product for your business. Triple win! Save your staff, save your friends, save the world with your custom printed letter openers.

coffee cup printing


Sending your kids group to camp? Hosting a charity walk? Organizing volunteers to pick up trash? Going on a massive family reunion to a Disney place? These things all have 1 thing in common: merchandise. What does your special merchandise look like… The one that identifies you as a counselor, or camper, or family member, or volunteer, or walker? Whatever it is, we want to help make your idea a reality. We do all sorts of merchandise in small quantities. Call must for more information!


If what you’re looking for isn’t on this list, contact us ! We can’t wait to take care of you!