Direct Targeted Mailing Services • Redlands Print & Design
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Direct Targeted Mailing Services

We provide Mailing Services to help you get your brand or service into the the hands of your desired demographic. Whether you are new to an area or have been around since the dark ages, our Mailing Services are a great way to introduce yourself or remind the citizens of the world that you can’t wait to work with them. Call us today to see how this service can benefit you!


We print your postage directly onto your Envelopes, Postcards, Special Delivery Mail, Packages, First Class Mail, Air Mail, and pretty much anything else you can send through a post box.  A perfect add-on to our Custom Envelope Printing services, while saving you a trip to the post office. Call us now to discuss our Meter Mailing Service.


Our Merge Mailing Service allows you to print the same form or letter for all of your clients with personalized information, such as names and account information. A great resource for any business dealing with client mailing. Chat with us about your business’ mailing needs today.


We offer Presorting Services to expedite the shipping of your mail, and get you cheaper mailing prices. Contact us today to learn more.

Compiling Mailing List by Zip Codes

We help you market yourself to your desired clientele in your desired areas. Instead of just sending the same information to every home in a zip code, we help you refine the process by going directly to the people you want; whether it is married couples, families with toddlers, seniors, 12-18 year olds- we have the information and statistics necessary to help you be direct, not send out junk mail, and save you money. Call us today to discuss your Mailing List needs.

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