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Advertising Materials

What you hand to people says a lot about who you are. That’s why we take so much care into making all of your advertising materials look beautiful. Whether you are coming in with a complete design ready to go or have some ideas, we desire to help you stand out and look fantastic while doing it. We use only the best materials to give your advertisement products that fine quality look, to propel you forward. See the list below for more details, or call us today.


Postcards are a great way to get information out. They’re small, so they take only a minute to read, and with a great design, are even enjoyable to look at. Basically, they play to everyone’s strengths (especially when you have a short attention span).


Say it loud and say it proud! Display who you are with a beautifully printed banner. Whether you are ready to go or need help with a design, we are more than happy to help you show off who you are.

Pocket Folders

What do these folders and pants have in common?

1. They both have pockets.

2. You need both of them every day.

3. They are both as stylish as you choose.


Whether you are a camp listing your seasons events and prices, a doctor’s office informing patients about current health discoveries, or a retirement home detailing services… whoever you are, brochures are a great way to get a lot of information onto a relatively small amount of space.


Smaller than a book but larger than a Brochure, we present to you: the Booklet. This is a great option if you are needing to highlight services, instruct students, catalogue your inventory, show off your portfolio, and anything else you can dream up.


In a world of personalized services, sometimes people forget that they haven’t paid you yet. Never fear! That’s the magic of invoices. We have beautiful templates that we can customize to your specific needs and branding that will let your clients know when a job is done and it’s time to hand over the money.

Rx Pads

If you are a health care provider or professional, we have the Rx pads for you! We comply with all state regulations to give you the finest tamper resistant prescription pads. We want to ensure that both you and your clients are safe…


Have an event coming up? Need to get the news across town? Call us today to talk about Flyers! Whether you have a design all whipped up and ready to go…


Beautiful posters deserve beautiful printing. There is no cutting corners with this one. If you have a Poster desire, don’t settle for mediocre, shoot for awesome! We’ll help you get there with our fine quality printing.


You have a sign you need printed! That’s great! We’re ready for you! Call us with your specific dimensions and details and we’ll give you a competitive quote! From Overhead Signs, to Yard signs, to…

Presentation Packages

We offer unique Presentation Packages to show off your company. From business cards and tri-folds to folders and info sheets, we customize your package to best present your brand or company to your clientele.

Rack Cards

Used for commercial advertising, rack cards are employed to display prominent information attractively and efficiently. Typically found in Hotels, Restaurants, Landmarks, and other heavy foot-traffic areas…

Info Sheets

You have a lot of information to tell your potential clients. Facts. Statistics. Boring things. But when it comes to things that are incredibly important, like how much you could save them on their phone bill, or what eating sugar does to their body- things that you care about informing them of?


Getting ready for the big day? Need some Invitations that are Instagram worthy for eons to come? Look no further. Redlands Print & Design Specializes in fine quality printing because we care as much as you do about your big day.


Ready to make that next step and turn your online blog into a physical thing that people can hold in their hands? Have you been printing your magazine at home with your canon ink jet whatever, and are ready to step up your game?

Counter Stands

When you have a prominent product you want to show off, counter stands and displays are the way to go! Whether you are displaying hand-made note cards from a local artist, an amazing new lotion, or your newest book…

POP Displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays or Point of Sale (POS) displays are intended to drive sales on a specific product. Used for special pricing, holiday sales, and new or limited edition items.

Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are like POP displays on crack. You’re turning your booth, your brand, into an interesting and exciting experience. You’re beaconing people to come and engage with you

And So Much More!

If your business has an advertising need that you don’t see on this list, please don’t hesitate to call us! We are more than happy to work with you and look forward to being your one-stop print shop!

Get your Advertising Project Rolling!