We relish in the post-printing process, especially when it comes to the art of bindery. Not quite sure what that means? Perfect binding means that all pages of a booklet are squeezed together with hot glue with a cover attached to it that wraps around the whole book for a glued spine. Still don’t get it? Check out our comprehensive explanation and list of services below. If you are coming in needing a part of the process or the entire book, we will work with you to understand exactly what you need and explain exactly what we offer.

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Folding is necessary in the post-print process because, believe it or not, book pages aren’t printed on individual sheets of paper! Instead, 4 or more of your book pages will be printed onto one large piece of paper on both sides. These pages then have to be folded and pressed down to ensure that they line up correctly and in the proper order.


In this trimming step of the post-print process, your book is almost halfway done! Every page and cover is in position and gathered together at the back. The edges are trimmed off to ensure that all the pages from cover to cover are perfectly aligned for the desired book size.



Padding involves applying a special binding glue to the spine of your book so that all of the pages feel secure and comfortable. This is a second step that is utilized in the post-print process to make sure your pages don’t shuffle off or go anywhere. Every page is important. (we use this same process to create the notepads.)


If there’s been a mistake made or maybe your book has a damaged spine or you want to rebound, we can do that by cutting off the existing spine and glue then rebinding it for you. Good as new.

coil binding


Coil binding is a popular binding method for documents or notebooks in the post-print process because it allows you to open the book completely flat and still take notes. We have two options for you: plastic or wire. We could try to do both if you wanted, but we usually recommend picking one or the other. Also, coiling is another term for “spiral binding” (like spiral bound notebooks that we’ve all encountered in school).


Perfect binding is the most popular softcover binding method. In this part of the post-print process, a thermal glue is used to bind together the cover and pages at the spine again then the remaining 3 edges are trimmed off to leave a perfectly bound and professional book.

perfect binding
plastic wrapping machine


After your books are printed, folded, collated, stitched, trimmed, padded, cut and bound to perfection, we also offer you the option of having them shrink-wrapped. This is like the post- post-print process. If you’re taking pre-orders or aren’t sure how many books you will need or where to put them, we offer storage, delivery and mailing options!

Get your Bindery Project going today!